Happy New Year

4 01 2016



Supermarkets are killing Xmas

19 11 2012


There is one particular period when I hate supermarkets, when getting closer to Chrismas. Well… closer is maybe a bit exaggerated: we’re only mid November! But all supermarkets have toys and fancy things for our kids being displayed upfront. First thing you see when going to the grocery store for food. Examples are numerous in France (see Carrefour, King Jouet, etc. I’m sure you can find similar ones in any country). But the worse is yet to come: in order to make sure that the consumers (you, I, us…) will buy the gifts way in advance, they are now offering discounts, should you buy before December! and because of this there are now items that are already out of stock. So if you want to make sure that Santa gets the gifts for sure, you’d better hurry to the stores!carrefour

This is really sad. Chrismas is in December people, end of December. Where is the magic when Disney advertises for New Year’s Eve in November and when the stores show our kids all the toys and other parents buying them quick… on Santa’s behalf? Come on…

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Will you read this on an e-reader?

10 05 2012

IMG_1188_610x458I have wondered lately if I should buy myself an e-book reader. With the recent burst of the market offer, the good news is competition has a positive impact on prices and features. Besides, seeing all these folks in the train e-reading while I am still paperbound makes me feel a little obsolete.

I am a compulsive reader. Not as much as Tirzah Price… but still. As we are now approaching summer time, we are truly bombarded with ads on e-readers, promoting “more books for less weight”, and I start to think that it could be a good idea especially when travelling overseas. On the positive side, it is true, you have access to dozens, hundreds of books. OK, fine. Am I to read all of these ? I can also go to the library store. Generally a book I buy is about 500 to 1000 pages. So buying one means I will probably spend a few days to read it. Access to all these books has only one purpose: making sure I change myself from a compulsive reader into a compulsive buyer. No-go. What typical book has less pages and more issues? Can I read comics on these readers? Well in general they are black and white, so that wouldn’t work. Besides, I figured out one thing reading all the good articles below. Forget about weight, about available titles. When paying a visit to a friend or a colleague, one of the first things I am looking at is the pesonal library. “Show me what you read, I will know who you are.”

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Red Hat EMEA Partner Summit

25 05 2011

The fourth annual Red Hat & JBoss EMEA Partner Summit took  place in Dublin, Ireland from 5th to 8th June 2011. HP was Gold sponsor of the event and presented RISC to HP ProLiant/Xeon/RHEL migrations, detailing a customer reference in a KVM Virtualization Data Center context. My colleague Bruno Cornec has blogged on this.

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Edit: EMEA Red Hat Partner Summit 2011 in Dublin travel report available in multiple entries at Bruno’s blog:

The negociation of the curd

15 02 2010

20090807_secret_story Last Tuesday I had lunch with a colleague but still a very good friend. We ordered our meals (some would say “typical French cuisine”): he had a beef carpaccio and I went in for a tartare. I was served first and when his carpaccio arrived, it was still frozen so he had it changed. Took them forever to come with a new plate, I was able to finish my meal before he could start. Now for the dessert. I choosed a chocolate biscuit and a coffee and he asked for a curd with marmelade. I was done with my coffee, he was still waiting for his curd. Asked the waitress if he did anything wrong. She was very sorry, said that oops she had forgotten. When we asked for the bill, she came to us and said that she wanted to apologize so she told him the curd is mine, and she scratched the line on the bill. But she also added “tell the chef you wanted a crumble and there was no more so you could not have a dessert”. She was putting us into the secret so we could not blame her and getting our free crud. One smart way to put the pressure on the customer. She’s definitely good at negociating!

Happy New Year !

5 01 2010

As we enter this new decade, it is a good time to wish everyone all the best , also remembering those who suffer from human rights violations. 2009 has been a hard year, let us hope this new one will show some improvements.