About me

I am a management consulting professional with a true passion for complex projects. I have high interest in Sales, Operations Management and Business Development.

With 15y+ consulting experience in the IT, Telecoms, Medias, Semiconductors & Energy, in projects across Europe, NA and APAC, I have acquired some expertise on IS technologies and processes, and somehow increased my people management skills and the ability to keep up with fast paced business from engineering level up to C-levels in highly complex environments…always with the bona fide enthusiasm of a convinced (!) geek. I did my MBA investigations on the current and future evolutions of the relationships between consultants, customers and firms, resulting in a short paper on Emerging new business models in the IT consultancy (Meurant-Schweizer,2005).

The blog title Consulting Daylights refers to The Living Daylights, the 15th James Bond movie in which Bond faces again his Soviet foes. At release, many lauded the film for bringing back realism and espionage to the franchise and showing James Bond’s dark side (source: wiki). Sounds familiar ?

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or policy of his employer.


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