Hey Raspberry Pi Foundation!

4 12 2016


I thought I would put together all the Pi’s I’ve collected so far just to list them and the projects I’ve done with them.


From left to right and top to bottom you can see:

  • the official 7″ Touchscreen Monitor for Raspberry Pi assembled into the SmartiPi Touch for which I was a backer on Kickstarter; this one is running a brand new Pi 3 – the intent here is to run kivy on it and to build a cheap house monitoring / automation system;
  • a Pi 2 with Adafruit RGB Matrix HAT + RTC for Raspberry Pi and Adafruit 64×32 RGB LED Matrix – 4mm pitch which I am using to send messages to my kids (I’ll have to post on this soon);
  • a very fist KANO kit with a Pi 1 which I had participate to fund on Kickstarter as well; I had hoped my kids would enjoy building their computer but being French the language has been a show stopper (hey Kano team, if you haven’t done this already, I could help translating the tutorials Smile.. in French!);
  • one of the very first Adafruit Cupcade units – a little bit customized with stickers from arcadestickers – my kids just live this one!
  • going back left, second row: one of the very first Adafruit PiTFT 320×240 2.8" TFT+Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi assembled into its Enclosure for PiTFT;
  • just in front of this one we have an Adafruit PiTFT 2.2" HAT Mini Kit – 320×240 2.2" TFT – No Touch which can be used easily inside a Short Crust Plus case; I used it recently when building a RetroPie console – see this post;
  • on the right of the PiTFT there’s a now pretty old Pi 1 with Adafruit RGB Negative 16×2 LCD+Keypad Kit for Raspberry Pi: I used this one for my piGarage garage door controller (see my earlier post here) – for now it is mounted in a very neat crystal case – this one is pretty cool for teaching python to the kids
  • in front of this one you can see another Pi 1 which I am now using also for python learning sessions, this one with a Pibrella card inserted;
  • then we can see a RaspiRobot from sparkfun (too bad it’s retired) – well the chassis is equiped with a Pi 1, version 2 of the RaspiRobot board by Monk Makes, an Adjustable Pi Camera Mount from Adafruit, a Bluetooth 4.0 Console Adapter for Rapsberry Pi from openelectrons.com and an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Sensor (pretty good tutorial here if you’d like to use it without the RaspiRobot board) – adding to this one of my fav’s TP-LINK WN725N wifi dongle, I could drive the car wireless and see videos with VLC Smile; power is being provided by a TeckNet powerbank;
  • front row you can see a Pi 2 with a Hybrid Tube Amp – this one is SWEET! I am so happy I helped funding this project;
  • then we have a pi Zero with a pHAT DAC from pimoroni; haven’t used this one much yet because of the above Hybrid Tube Amp Smile
  • to its right, another Pi 2 running RuneAudio with HiFiBerry’s AMP+ hat which I wired to an old pair of Celestion Ditton 44 – the case is yet another Short Crust Plus in which I drilled a few holes – this thing has literally resurrected my old speakers;
  • the last one on the picture is one I am also quite happy with: this one is a Pi 2 running RetroPie inside a NesPi LEGO case from RaspiPC.es – the controler is a NES30 from 8bitdo – if you want to build one for yourself, just go there;


I almost forgot this one: a PI 2 with a Pi 2 Design 502SSD – mSATA Solid State Drive Shield inside a custom acrylic case by Yours Truly.

Two more are missing now that I am thinking of: two Pi 2 running motionEyeOS (a Linux distribution that turns your single board computer into a video surveillance system): one is using a Pi Camera and is turned into a fast-mpeg cheap IP camera and the other is used to control the video streams from the fast-mpeg and from 2 other IP webcams.

Alright so net net this makes me the happy owner of a good bunch of Raspberry Pi’s with a fair amount of hats, accessories and more…this thing is really really good for building home projects Smile




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