Supermarkets are killing Xmas

19 11 2012


There is one particular period when I hate supermarkets, when getting closer to Chrismas. Well… closer is maybe a bit exaggerated: we’re only mid November! But all supermarkets have toys and fancy things for our kids being displayed upfront. First thing you see when going to the grocery store for food. Examples are numerous in France (see Carrefour, King Jouet, etc. I’m sure you can find similar ones in any country). But the worse is yet to come: in order to make sure that the consumers (you, I, us…) will buy the gifts way in advance, they are now offering discounts, should you buy before December! and because of this there are now items that are already out of stock. So if you want to make sure that Santa gets the gifts for sure, you’d better hurry to the stores!carrefour

This is really sad. Chrismas is in December people, end of December. Where is the magic when Disney advertises for New Year’s Eve in November and when the stores show our kids all the toys and other parents buying them quick… on Santa’s behalf? Come on…

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