Will you read this on an e-reader?

10 05 2012

IMG_1188_610x458I have wondered lately if I should buy myself an e-book reader. With the recent burst of the market offer, the good news is competition has a positive impact on prices and features. Besides, seeing all these folks in the train e-reading while I am still paperbound makes me feel a little obsolete.

I am a compulsive reader. Not as much as Tirzah Price… but still. As we are now approaching summer time, we are truly bombarded with ads on e-readers, promoting “more books for less weight”, and I start to think that it could be a good idea especially when travelling overseas. On the positive side, it is true, you have access to dozens, hundreds of books. OK, fine. Am I to read all of these ? I can also go to the library store. Generally a book I buy is about 500 to 1000 pages. So buying one means I will probably spend a few days to read it. Access to all these books has only one purpose: making sure I change myself from a compulsive reader into a compulsive buyer. No-go. What typical book has less pages and more issues? Can I read comics on these readers? Well in general they are black and white, so that wouldn’t work. Besides, I figured out one thing reading all the good articles below. Forget about weight, about available titles. When paying a visit to a friend or a colleague, one of the first things I am looking at is the pesonal library. “Show me what you read, I will know who you are.”

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One response

28 06 2012
brunocornecBruno COrnec

The major difference between a e-reader and a book, is the energy footprint ! You don’t need energy to read a book. Sun light is enough. And perennety is much much higher. Will you be able to read your e-book in 100 years from now ? I still can read manuscrits copies of the XIIIth century to play music. Not even speaking of open format and similar issues.

Sometimes instead of feeling obsolete, you should clever to not follow the crowd going in a wrong direction. You’re rather a reference point 😉

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