No Waste No Run…

29 11 2010

DSC01434Last weekend I went to my favorite sports shop. I must say I was pretty proud, finding myself in buying running clothes (pants and shirts). Point is they had a 30% discount if you buy both pieces at the same time instead of just having one. So I spent like 65€ because I did not want to spend more than 40€ per item. But anyway, I was happy with it, so sure I had a good deal.  Picked up new socks as well, went to the cashier. Back home I started to cut all various parts that are useless or must be gone to avoid beeping at the first next alarm checkpoint. After I was done, I had a stack of 20 to 25 pieces of paper, anti-theft system, info coupons and so on… that just went directly into the can. So the question is: “can’t we just avoid this stuff which does not bring value, pollutes the environment and adds unnecessary costs?”




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