The negociation of the curd

15 02 2010

20090807_secret_story Last Tuesday I had lunch with a colleague but still a very good friend. We ordered our meals (some would say “typical French cuisine”): he had a beef carpaccio and I went in for a tartare. I was served first and when his carpaccio arrived, it was still frozen so he had it changed. Took them forever to come with a new plate, I was able to finish my meal before he could start. Now for the dessert. I choosed a chocolate biscuit and a coffee and he asked for a curd with marmelade. I was done with my coffee, he was still waiting for his curd. Asked the waitress if he did anything wrong. She was very sorry, said that oops she had forgotten. When we asked for the bill, she came to us and said that she wanted to apologize so she told him the curd is mine, and she scratched the line on the bill. But she also added “tell the chef you wanted a crumble and there was no more so you could not have a dessert”. She was putting us into the secret so we could not blame her and getting our free crud. One smart way to put the pressure on the customer. She’s definitely good at negociating!




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